February Update

February already &, judging by this blog,  it looks like not a lot has been happening chez moi.

Of course, the real action is on my site:


Many new pages have been added & old ones updated.

In the unlikely event that anyone is remotely interested in the life & times of Davy King, there is the place to go…


Welcome to 2007

Happy New Ear

Annus Mirabilis starts ear…

“In the beginning was the pun”, as Sam Beckett said.

Greetings visitor…

Welcome to ‘Life & Times of Davy King’.

As you see, this has hardly been conceived let alone born…

While you’re waiting, how about a visit to my website instead:


You might find something to amuse.

To keep you going, there are also some Davy King Videos to be found here:


If you’re still hungry for more, you can take a look at DK photos:


Then, by the time you’ve done all that, there may be something new to see on this page!

Do come again.

Be seeing you,

Self-portrait, hiding under a hat

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Warmest Greetings,

Davy King

Season’s Bleatings!